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About Us

Tango Evolution is a social club of Argentine Tango dancers from Atlanta, GA.

We formed Tango Evolution in 2004 to support existing tango dancers and to promote tango to a new generation of dancers. Tango Evolution supports all forms of Argentine tango.

Here are some of our principles and ideas:

The Dance
Our members dance all styles of tango including: open embrace, close embrace, apilado, milonguero, cayengue, etc.  To us, it all goes by one name... TANGO. We do not accept any of these forms as the one true tango. It is clear from early photos, film clips, and written accounts that since the beginning of the dance, many embraces and styles existed within tango. To try and pick just one and prove that it is the one true tango is just silly.

We also believe that not only can early tango dancing not be defined, but that tango still cannot be defined to this day. It is an evolving, vernacular dance. It does not belong to one group or culture. While we respect the origins of tango, it has evolved and will continue to evolve, inside and outside of Argentina. By respecting and studying the past, we can enjoy the present and look forward to the future.

Tango is a world-wide dance. You can go to practically any large city in the world and dance tango. Each of these cities bring their own cultures into tango, and represent a different tango "dialogue". To quote one of our favorite tango teachers, Mauricio Castro, "Be yourself. Everyone else is taken."

We are not iconoclasts who want to break with the past, in this case this rich heritage of tango dance and music. We simply don't want the dance, music or culture to stand still. Evolution encompasses and celebrates the past, while being a process where we can influence how we arrive at the future.

Clint Rauscher
I have been dancing tango since March, 2002. One of the tings that I love most about the dance is the diversity of styles. While it can be fun to debate the differences between the different styles and embraces, it is all just tango to me. I started with a more open embrace and then spent some time learning the close embrace or Milonguero style. I truly love both of these styles and cannot understand why anyone would pick just one of these styles to dance exclusively, but I believe that people should always do what feels right to them.

Lena Hrybok
I studied music for many years, but was always very fond of other art forms like theater and dance. Over years I've taken ballet and modern, and with special interest studied flamenco. Tango was love from the first sight, and with years it developed into so much more then just a hobby.

Kevin and Edie Mason
Kevin Mason, better known as “Mason”, and his wife, Edie; are both founding members of Tango Evolution. They have been dancing together since 2005.

Shelley Brooks
Shelley Brooks has been dancing Tango since late 2004, and enjoys all styles of the embrace. She is a committed and active member of Tango Evolution, and believes that you dance with your community as well. She brings with her years of classical ballet training, as well as jazz, modern,tap, African, hip-hop, and Salsa, and studies in choreography, kinesiology, music, dance history, and has taught various dance/exercise programs over the years.